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New full length album Suspension Of Disbelief is out now everywhere!

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Streets To Ourselves is the solo project of singer/song-writer/multi-instrumentalist Daniel Peachy. This project is the culmination of over twenty-five years of experience as a musician, with more than fifteen years spent as a member of eight different bands. Peachy composes and performs all the instruments and vocals himself on the Streets To Ourselves studio recordings, which to date include the four song EP Pitch Correction as well as the debut full-length album Suspension Of Disbelief.

Having lived both on the road and in recording studios, Peachy has performed all across Canada as well as having independently released six EP’s and three full length studio albums with various bands and solo projects. He has studied under an assortment of guitar, piano, drum, vocal, and music theory teachers. He also has experience as a studio session musician, band/tour manager, and booking agent.

Rarely able to find like minded musicians who also possess the same strong work ethic and level of commitment as him, Peachy decided to challenge himself by starting a solo project. Still believing that collaboration is a key component of the creation process, he enlisted the contributions of Music Producer/Sound Engineer Collin Young and Director/Videographer Josh Tiller, both of whom have helped Peachy reach the potential of his artistic ambitions thus far.

Streets To Ourselves can be described as a modern take on 1990’s Alternative and Pop Punk, while also incorporating Rock and Progressive influences from the 1960’s and 70’s. Classical and acoustic elements are included as well. Another important component of this project is the inclusion of instrumental pieces of music. For fans of Blink 182, Nirvana The Beatles, Red Hot Chili Peppers, Pink Floyd, and Weezer.



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